Cow Farts Hurt the Environment; Burger King is Working to Reduce Them

Under the Restaurant Brands for Good initiative, Burger King wants to “advance the issue of sustainability in the food service industry” by reducing cow farts. Though it’s not just the methane filled cow farts that Burger King is looking to reduce; Restaurant Brands International, Burger King’s owner, has listed a number of initiatives set in place for the next decade.

Per “We are also making a long-term commitment to support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, and evaluated where Restaurant Brands International can contribute and focus resources to help drive the greatest impact.”

“This process identified our ten priority topics, which form the three key pillars of Food, Planet, and People & Communities . We will focus on these pillars as we work to make an impact in the industry and bring our sustainability vision to life.”

Here’s the highlights, taken from the companies website:

This new initiative is after the vegan food brand Impossible Foods successfully entered the fast food industry, specifically at Burger King where the “Impossible Whopper” has seen success.

Here’s a research video Burger King tweeted following the initial announcement: