How Big Tech is Quietly Creating a New Era of Corporate Dictatorship

Several pieces of literature and media have depicted our future world as a bleak corporate like dictatorship. A world where only a handful of powerful companies own everything we eat, see and do. The mental imagery is vivid, and may even elicit a few eyerolls from most who see the concept as cheesy and far-fetched. Unfortunately, several big tech companies are making such a reality inevitable. 

In the past decade, a handful of Big Tech giants have been quietly buying the intellectual rights to everything they can get their hands on. In 2019 alone; Samsung, IBM, LG, Microsoft & Intel have filed 24,637 patents

1International Business Machines Corp9,262
2Samsung Electronics Co Ltd6,469
3Canon Inc3,548
4Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC3,081
5Intel Corp3,020
6LG Electronics Inc2,805
7Apple Inc2,490
8Ford Global Technologies LLC2,468
9Amazon Technologies Inc2,427
10Huawei Technologies Co Ltd2,418

The data above only accounts for new patents filed in 2019. If you were to zoom out and look at the big picture and see how many patents were filed all in all, it gets much worse:

1Samsung Electronics Co Ltd76,638
2International Business Machines Corp37,304
3Canon Inc35,724
4General Electric Co30,010
5Microsoft Corp29,824
6Robert Bosch GmbH28,285
7Panasonic Corp27,298
8Siemens AG25,320
9Intel Corp24,628
10LG Electronics Inc23,043
A staggering 191,434 patents! Just for 5 companies alone!

This trend will put our advancement as a species in the hands of powerful tech giants. The common man will stand in the shadows and watch, as big tech companies stifle private innovation. Hopefully we aren’t all complicit by simply ignoring the issue. Our eagerness to buy the newest Iphone, shouldn’t distract us from the harrowing implications of patent hoarding tech companies.


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