Bill De Blasio States New York City is Safer due to Releasing Inmates Early; FACT CHECKED

In a press conference today, New York City mayor Bill De Blasio said:

We now have fewer people in our jails than any time since WW2, and we are safer for it and better for it.

Bill De Blasio

Fact checked; The city is not safer, it’s actually the opposite:

New York City shootings are up 130% compared to this time last year. When averaging all metrics, crime is up roughly 200% compared to this time last year.

50 of the 1500 inmates released early already got caught committing crime again. The epidemic is amid New York City’s recent police de-funding measures, as a part of the war on police and Black Lives Matter movement.


AOC States NYC Crime is Increasing Because of “Economic Desperation”; Fact Checked

Picture above is from the washington post

“Let’s think about it, do we think this has to do with the fact that there’s record unemployment in the united states right now? The fact that people are at a level of economic desperation that we have not seen since the great recession? Maybe this has to do with the fact that people aren’t paying their rent and they’re scared to pay their rent, so they go out and they need to feed their child, and they don’t have money, so you, maybe have to, their put in a position where they feel like they either need to shoplift some bread or go hungry that night.”

AOC is implying the economic recession is the reason why NYC is experiencing an uptick in crime. She refers to the unemployment rate. Let’s dig into it;

She’s not wrong about the numbers, as 20 million jobs were lost in April due to the coronavirus lockdown. New York state department of labor reports the city’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 18.3 percent in May 2020, an increase of 3.3 percent from April and a rise of 14.2 percent from May 2019.

It’s important to remember the Trump administration issued an extra $600 weekly in unemployment, bringing the average weekly check to $978 per week nationwide. Furthermore, most adults got a stimulas check of $1,200 + $500 for each child under 16. Also the federal government, state lawmakers and private companies have rolled out forbearance and deferment programs to combat the financial woes caused by layoffs, furloughs and other financial setbacks. The following payments can be deferred Per US News

  • Mortgage payments.
  • Rent payments.
  • Student loan payments.
  • Credit card bills.
  • Bank fees.
  • Car payments.
  • Utility bills.

Our countries economy is suffering, no doubt. But with the added free money and forgiveness resources we’ve been given to survive this pandemic, this suggests that individually we are not suffering as bad as it may seem.

AOC is ignoring the type of crime being commuted

Yes, burglary is up. Quite a bit actually, at 118.2% higher then last year. Whew, that’s a lot but so is the 130.3% increase on shootings. There were 205 citywide shooting incidents in June 2020, compared to 89 shooting incidents in June 2019, a 130.3% increase. Year-to-date, through June 30, there is a +46% spike in citywide shooting incidents (528 v. 362). Also, murder is up +23.1% (181 v. 147) for the first six months of 2020 when compared to the first six months of 2019. Per NYPD

Robbing a store for a loaf of bread is a little different then shooting and killing someone, don’t you think? You could argue that people are shooting the store workers, but that’s simply not the case. As of matter of fact just this weekend was partically very bloody with 15 shootings in 15 hours and none of them was a store clerk.

There’s been several high profile incidents of shootings in NYC recently and none of them have been store clerks or anything related to shooting because they’re “desperately hungry”. Here’s just one example;

So what is it then? Why is crime increasing drastically in not just NYC, but other major cities too?

We can’t give a definite answer on that. It’s important to note that every single city pushing to de-fund police has seen crime spike. It would make sense to use de-funding police as the culprit, but that’s a flawed claim as well because most cities de-funding efforts are just getting started amid the rise in crime, not prior to the rise in crime.

It’s fair to state the Black Lives Matter movement may be contributing, as it’s highly documented the riots and looting costed hundreds of millions of dollars. Criminals could be sensing the weakness from NYPD amid de-funding efforts, and high scrutiny police are constantly under, therefore committing more crimes because they feel a higher likelihood of getting away with it? Just a theory.

Either way, there is no evidence the economic recession is the reason for the increase in crime.

Jewish Action Movement Claims Trump Campaign is Using a Nazi Symbol; Fact Checked

Jewish Action is a political organization who states “Bend the Arc’s political advocacy arm harnesses the collective power of progressive American Jews to change policy and build a more just and equal nation.”

On July 1st they Tweeted that Trump is campaigning for re-election with a Nazi symbol.

Since their tweet several news outlets including USA Today reported on the claim, agreeing with Jewish Action.

Fact check; the bald eagle is not a Nazi symbol

“The bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent.”

We gathered this information from several sources, here’s one.

Furthermore, similar bald eagle logos are on America’s dollar bills, quarters, several U.S government icons, and part of the United States Marine Corp’s logo. Nancy Pelosi sports a bald eagle logo too, so if Trump is a Nazi for using it then so is Nancy(who is a democratic house of representatives leader).

It’s important to mention that Jewish Action is funded by George Soros, who opposes Trump, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that a George Soros funded organization is desperately trying to paint a bad picture of Trump.

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Smart Dust: The Technology That can Monitor Anyone, Anywhere, at any Time

Article By Sterlingbh

  • The Smart Dust research proposal was presented to DARPA in 1997 by Kristofer S. J. Pister, Joe Kahn, and Bernhard Boser, from the University of California, Berkeley.
  • General Electric, Cargill, IBM, Cisco Systems and other notable companies have invested heavily in the research of Smart Dust.
  • Smart Dust has the potential to be used in a wide variety of sectors including healthcare, agriculture, biotechnology, manufacturing and warfare. 
  • Smart Dust technology has been around for roughly 19 years, without ever being available to the general public.

If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that we are all entitled to a reasonable amount of personal privacy. In fact, personal privacy seems to be more and more relevant in this era of rapid technological advancement. Accordingly, skepticism is warranted whenever a technology has the potential to undermine your right to privacy. And, you guessed it. That’s where Smart Dust comes into play.

Smart Dust is exactly what it sounds like. They are tiny little sensors, that are capable of conducting surveillance/collecting data and tracking it’s own location in real time. On average, these Smart Dust sensors are about the size of a grain of table salt (0.3 mm x 0.3 mm).

The idea was first conceptualized in the early 90’s by DARPA and The RAND Corporation (both of which are federally funded). From there, the concept seemed to be largely forgotten about, until three professors from the University Of California, Berkeley began looking more into potential uses of the technology. They made a research proposal that was ultimately approved for federal funding.

With the newfound interest of the United States Military, prototypes were made, and the first real life application was tested in 2001. In this test, they had used enlarged Smart Dust sensors to accurately determine the speed and direction of 142 different military vehicles.

In the years following, several different companies took interest in the technology. And as a result, some of the more recent advancements can be attributed to the private sector.

Currently, it would appear that no company or governmental agency is publicly developing research on the technology. This has led many people to speculate, that Smart Dust technology is far more advanced than what we are being told. Either way, any technology that yields this amount of potential for trouble, should be matched equally with extreme caution. If we fail to do so, we will find ourselves in a dystopian, cyberpunk-eque world. A world, where everyone and everything will be monitored through a global, neural network of billions of Smart Dust Particles.

But don’t take my word for it…

“Central Nervous System for the Earth”

(CeNSE), a project of HP Labs, is revolutionizing the way information is gathered, communicated, and analyzed. CeNSE consists of a highly intelligent network of billions of nanoscale sensors designed to feel, taste, smell, see, and hear what is going on in the world. When fully deployed, these sensors will quickly gather data and transmit it to powerful computing engines, which will analyze and act upon the information in real time using a new breed of business applications and web services…..”

……That’s the goal of HP Labs Central Nervous System for the Earth, or CeNSE. The research and development program aims to build a planetwide sensing network using billions of tiny, cheap, tough and exquisitely sensitive detectors.”

                                                                             – Hewlett Packard, 2010