Did Joe Biden Pick Elizabeth Warren for VP Way Back in April?

As you know, Election Day is right around the corner and Democratic candidate Joe Biden has not announced his choice for VP. When I saw someone on Reddit claiming that Joe Biden had already picked Elizabeth Warren, I had to check it out. The post was titled “Joe Biden will pick Elizabeth Warren as his running mate”.

In the post, it states that two domain registrant’s named “Joe Biden” and “Elizabeth Warren” registered for the same domain “bidenwarren2020ticket.com” on the same day, April 19, 2020:

Armed with a heavy sense of skepticism, I googled the website that was mentioned in the screenshot to see it myself. Once the page was pulled up, I typed in “Joe Biden” and “Elizabeth Warren” not expecting much. To my surprise, registrant’s “Joe Biden” and “Elizabeth Warren” did in fact register “bidenwarren2020ticket.com” with Google LLC on April 19th, 2020.

Conclude what you want from this information, but it is an interesting coincidence at the very least.

Source: http://chasgoudie.com/biden-warren-2020/

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